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Sunday, November 8, 2020

The last free election in the U.S.

Since Tuesday night I have been heartbroken. I see this election differently than many and it's breaking my heart. I haven't slept well and my days have been spent in worry and deep thought.
I am a hockey player and draw a lot of my observations from my time on the ice. Wayne Gretzky, arguably the greatest to ever play the game, was as successful as he was because he had an uncanny knack for seeing where the play was going, instead of focusing on where it was at the moment. He would pass to an open patch of ice, because he saw his teammate heading for it and instead of hitting him where he was, he sent to puck to where he was going to be in a split second, and opened up a million opportunities.
That's how I view last Tuesday's elections. The Democrats, and their owners, figured out how to pass the puck to where we're going. They figured out how to circumvent the rules while using the rules, Something only the truly evil genius can figure out.
The danger is not just Biden / Harris and the evil they will introduce into American society. The real danger is the PRECEDENT. How do you ever take away mass mail-in voting now that it's been introduced into the public awareness? An already lazy electorate will never give this up now that they've tasted it.
This wasn't about making it safer for voters in the midst of a "pandemic" it was about making a way to flip states without changing the electoral college rules. I promise you, you will never hear Democrats complaining about the Electoral College again. They've figured out a way to not only defeat it, but have it at the ready to validate their evil deeds. You just out-vote it with enough falsified mail-in ballots to render it unnecessary. You flood the system until you won the state and then the Electoral College does what it was intended to do.
And who will go to the American people now and say "That was a one-time deal because of the virus?" The Democrats will instantly call that "Voter Suppression!" and find a judge that agrees. This is the new reality folks. That's why I've been sleepless all week. That's why I'm sad to the point of tears. My beloved country has been checkmated by those who hate her.
Biden and Harris will come and go like all presidents. But the damage is permanent. 2016 will go down as the last time there was ever a true legitimate election in our history.
This bell can't be unrung.

God Help America...

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