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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Mass Shootings and who is REALLY to Blame

I'm going to try not to let this become an angry rant, but it's going to be hard. Because I AM angry. Yesterday we had two more mass shootings. And immediately the gun grabbers went to work, ramping up their attack on American Citizens who want the Constitution upheld. (You can call them "gun nuts" NRA...whatever, but the FACT is we just want the Constitution upheld) They keep screaming "How Long??!!" Well I want to know the same thing. How long??! How long will you ignore the FACT that since 1991, 97% of all these mass shootings and 100% of school shootings occurred in "Gun Free Zones?" This is fact. Since 1991, school shootings increased 92%. What happened in 1991? The Gun Free Zone act was expanded to include schools. Odd that shootings would increase so dramatically AFTER a law was passed making guns on school campuses illegal. Or is it? Your "Gun Free Zone" sign is really a "Nobody here can protect themselves" sign. You literally told the killers where to go for maximum result. How long before you admit that evil people will NEVER obey laws and they will ALWAYS find a way to carry out their evil plan? They'll build bombs out of household items. They'll drive a truck across a crowded sidewalk (These things have already happened) they'll hijack airplanes with box cutters. Evil is NEVER going to end until Jesus returns and puts an end to it forever. HOW LONG will YOU put your fellow citizens at risk by forbidding them from defending themselves? It's not the fault of the gun rights advocates. It's YOUR fault, if you support these frivolous gun bans and gun free zones. You want to sue gun manufacturers for the evil someone does using a gun? How about you sue shopping malls and local governments who create soft targets perfect for mass shootings, by outlawing guns in malls, and public buildings, and schools? You want to see some better gun laws? Start holding people accountable for NOT allowing people to protect themselves. If you want to eliminate guns, this is YOUR fault. There has always, and will always be, evil in this world. The first murder was committed with a rock or a log when Cain struck down his brother Abel...over nothing but petty jealousy. The Manson killings were predominantly done by stabbing. (Only one of the nine actually died by gunshot) The Boston Strangler never used a gun. Ted Bundy never shot any victims. You don't have to carry but STOP TRYING TO PREVENT ME FROM DOING SO! I want to go to a mall or a school or a public building and know I have at least a fighting chance. And do you know what the residual effect of this would be? The virtual elimination of mass shootings! How? Because one of two things would happen: 1: A shooter would decide not to attempt a shooting because now, there are guns allowed where they used to be banned. He doesn't know who has one or where, but he knows they aren't banned anymore so he decides against it OR 2: He tries it anyway and instead of killing 10 or 20 or more, he "only" (I say that tongue in cheek, even 1 is unacceptable) kills one or two before someone with a gun engages him and ends the slaughter. And don't give me this garbage about "I don't want my kids to grow up with armed people walking around..." Couple of points on that: First, Google the word "Concealed" that's the first word in "Concealed Carry Permit" I support open carry, however, I also understand that seeing a guy walking around with a sidearm and he's not in uniform, is unsettling. I don't need to puff my chest out in that manner. I likely won't ever open carry. But that should be my choice. Second, there was a time, not long ago, in this country, where guns were not an object of fear. They were objects of respect and caution, but not fear. Maybe you should take your kids to a range and show them what a gun is capable of WHEN SOMEONE IS USING IT and stop this "guns are inherently evil" nonsense. Stop fighting the solution just because you personally refuse to educate yourself on the truth, or are unwilling to accept the truth, and want to force your will on everyone else. People are dying for lack of shooting back. PERIOD! Stop fueling the problem!