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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Remember when...

Remember when we had cookouts in our neighborhoods and everybody came and stayed for hours and talked about everything?

Remember when you'd go to the ball park and watch a baseball game in the sunshine and it took all afternoon and you talked with the people next to you and by the 6th inning they weren't strangers anymore?

Remember when a neighbor got sick or suffered a loss and the other neighbors cooked them dinner and took it over to them without anyone else suggesting it?

Remember when stores other than Chick Fil A were closed on Sunday?

Remember when seeing a cop was a GOOD seeing the lifeguard at the pool?

Remember when not many of your neighbors had a fence around their yard?

Remember when you could say something out loud without thinking there would be someone, somewhere who would find some way to get offended by it?

Remember when you thought this country did all it had to do for you by just giving you OPPORTUNITY? Not money, food, phones, insurance, and housing?

Remember when you showed respect to ANY clergy you came in contact with? 

Remember when if you worked hard, and got just a little something for yourself, you were SATISFIED with that and didn't whine like a mule about what your neighbor had or your boss had or some corporate president who you were never going to meet had?

Remember when, if you needed help, you had friends and family. And they had you? 

How do we get back to that place?