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"The Legend of Joey Trucks...The Accidental Mobster" is my newest book. It's a hysterical story about mistaken identity and imagination left unchecked. It's a mob story that ISN'T about a mobster!
It's everything we loved about The Sopranos...without the crime!

Legend of Joey Trucks

"The Ragamuffin's Christmas" is my wonderful Christmas advent reader. What would YOU do if you had been there the night Christ was born?

The Ragamuffin's Christmas

"Remembering America: Looking Back at the Last Innocent Age" is my wonderful, heartwarming, book that takes us down the memory lane of growing up in America in the 60's and 70's. If you miss community, neighbors you grew up with, and teachers who touched your life...this is your book!

Remembering America...

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  1. "This book is the perfect blend of real life and fiction. Joey Trucks experiences what many Italian Americans do when they move south and it makes you laugh out loud. The stereotypes from Mob movies and TV don't allow Joey to just settle in right away....that said I love how he handles it all. Absolutely one of my all time favorite reads. It has big screen written all over it. Craig nailed it!"
    Nick Bonsanto
    Nationally Syndicated Talk Host "The Nick Bonsanto Show"


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