Monday, March 30, 2015

Me and My Arrow...

So...My daughter took a walking tour of the LU campus on Friday. Yeah...I work there. Yeah...I tell her about how great the place is every 13.4 seconds. Yeah, she lives here with me at least half the time. But you know how it is when it's your dad talking...(personally I have no idea what that is like, but that's another story) you just tune it out because, well, he's your dad. So Friday she took the tour with a group of Homeschoolers and she was SOLD! She wishes she could start tomorrow. All those great things I told her about the campus and the future of LU, well I guess coming from someone else it was gold! She is so excited about starting school here next year. Excited about living in a dorm and the opportunities to use her talents excited about all that she will have at her disposal on this amazing campus.  She was so excited, she even asked if we could eat at "The Rot" (The Reber-Thomas dining hall) after church yesterday. She's been struggling with hope at times lately. College seemed like such a long way off that she had almost given up on it. After Friday she is all-in. The comments she made were very Liberty really "gets it" about kids her age. Doc had a knack for that and so does JerryLamon Falwell​. Prior to Friday, college seemed daunting and a bit scary for an introvert like her. Now she can't wait. I sat there in the dining hall listening to her expounding on the virtues of Liberty and I remembered how I was when I was her age and Liberty was the only college I even bothered applying to. She has grown up so darned fast. I like to think I did a decent job fashioning my one-and-only arrow and she's almost ready for flight. In another year and a half, she'll be headed to the first big target. It's almost time to pull the string back and let her fly. I dread that moment, but I'm thankful for the chance I've had to shape this arrow of mine, and thankful that I stuck it out and I'll be the archer that sends her on her way.

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