Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Fed-Up Patriot Speaks... My response to the post-election riots

For EIGHT YEARS I had to endure being called a racist for even DISAGREEING with Obama. 

I was called a homophobe, even though I have an uncle and four cousins who are gay and who have never even remotely questioned my love and care for them.
I was called a religious extremist simply because I adhere to the Bible, don't believe in evolution, or global warming, and don't support same-sex marriage biblically. (Although I support it Constitutionally) 
I was called a misogynist because I am against abortion. When they said I was against women's rights, my response was "I am for the rights of little unborn women." To which they responded: "They are parasites, blobs, biological masses" anything but babies.
I was called a "tea bagger" (a vile sexual term) if I didn't vote Democrat or support liberal policy.
One of my dearest friends was referred to as an "Uncle Tom" by someone who has never met him, simply because he is a black conservative.
The Faith I would die for was laughed at by Obama and ridiculed as some dark-ages superstition as he campaigned in 2008 and 2012.
If I disagree it's hatred. I am a bigot. I am intolerant. I force people to live in fear.
It's been this way for over EIGHT YEARS now and never ONCE did I say "Obama is not my president!" Never once did I demand a new election, a violation of the Constitution or the destruction of others' property.
I never rioted while his policies held me captive in the back of that Yukon, night after night.
I never hated him even as I hated his policies. I never used racial epithets to describe him or tolerated those who might have.
If ANYONE had a reason to riot, whine, complain, be angry, attack others, accuse people of being was me.
But I did not.
I loved my country. I fought in the battleground of ideas I held out hope, and when I got the chance I VOTED...knowing that my candidate might not win. I was afraid of Hillary. Scared to death, to be honest. Scared of an economy she'd ruin, a country she'd decimate, and maybe even afraid of being homeless again.
NEVER, EVER on the night of November 8 or the days leading up to it did I consider rioting, inflicting harm, or calling for a different result if Trump had lost.
I am glad we have Trump. I fully support him. And if you don't like the tone of the election or the months leading up to it...BLAME YOURSELF! You attacked every person who didn't agree with you one hundred percent and labeled them with the most atrocious, vicious, vile labels, until we were afraid to even speak our minds. The only option we had was the sledgehammer. Trump is YOUR fault, not mine. YOU did this. You and your demands that everyone not only agree with you 100% but that they APPROVE of you 100%. Nobody hates you. Nobody wants to harm you. People disagree with you. THAT'S LIFE! It doesn't make them evil, hate-filled, bigots, rednecks, racists, or whatever-phobes. It means they disagree. You made disagreeing a CRIME against humanity. Trump was our solution. Grow the heck UP! It ain't just about YOU. 
Engage a different viewpoint now and then and if you fail to convince that person using FACTS...don't relinquish them to the label machine. In the words of Dale Earnhardt Sr:
"You better tie some kerosene rags around your ankles so the ants don't crawl up your legs and eat your candy A__!"
That is all.

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