Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Thoughts on Tom Brady...

There was a time and place in this country when those athletes we revered were expected to be paragons of virtue. They failed sometimes but it was expected. It was the price they paid for fame, adulation, and the opportunity to live a better life than the people who cheered for them. 
Watching Tom Brady defenders acting indignant and claiming the penalty is too harsh is making me sick. 
We've already abandoned our political leaders to the realm of the untrustworthy -something we should all be collectively ashamed of- now we are making excuses for a man who knowingly altered the equipment in his favor. And we are excusing a team that has cheating in it's DNA and yet gets defensive when confronted about it. 
Tom Brady cheated. Period. I am expected to believe that a man so important to his team that he wears a red shirt at practice to remind his own team not to touch him, isn't consulted when the essential piece of equipment in the game is altered? The highest paid player on the team and in his game, and he wasn't a participant?
Shame on him, and shame on you if you defend this. Truth and morality is not relative, no matter if we are discussing Theology, politics, or even sports. In another time and place he would be pilloried in the press for this. Instead he is being defended. This should be akin to "Say it ain't so, Joe."
Instead we hear echoes of "It's a vast right-wing conspiracy"
It's another microcosm of America...
It's more evidence that the further we range from our Judeo-Christian heritage, and the effects it had on our society, the worse off we become.

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