Some pictures of Craig and assorted others:

                                                            Me and Ukee Washington

Me with Stan Hochman. 
Being interviewed by The Grand Poobah 
was one of the highlights of my life!

                                                       Battery Park, New Castle, DE.
                                                   One of my favorite places on earth

                             Me outside the Harry Kalas Broadcast Booth at Citizen's Bank Park

                                         At my graduation reception with Dr. Elmer Towns
                                                        Me Wanda and Momma Jewell

                                         Sunrise on my Graduation on Liberty Mountain

                                                             Mission Accomplished!
                                       I made this journey with the help of some great friends
                                                        who were there to cheer me on

                 After Commencement, I stopped to say "Thanks" to Doc. I know he was proud

                                     The 1995 Volvo that served as "home" from 2008-2011.
                                I used to back it into those bushes at night to hide from view.

                                               Liberty Hockey Alumni 25th Anniversary
                                                  Some of the guys I played with at LU

                                                                      Alumni game

                                    One of the best days I ever had and one of the biggest honors.
                                           I met Zig and his family, simply by saying "thank you!"

                                             My pride and joy at her 8th grade graduation

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